Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Awoiska van der Molen

I was thinking that Jessica and Hannah may be interested in this work, especially since the darkroom is an important part of her photographic process:

The focus of my photography lies within situations and locations remote to the
everyday hectic life. I photograph mostly at night when my senses are not
distracted by daily influences of an urban environment. Under such circumstan-
ces an intangible, ethereal aura of a certain location can catch my attention:
an absent presence of elements.

I try to translate the intensity of such atmospheres to black and white images
that are simultaneously topographical and psychological landscapes.
I move along the edges of anonymous cities or let myself be absorbed by remote,
exotic, natural landscapes. Landscapes where almost no architecture appears.
I focus on earth and soil: the essence of our origin.

Later, the printing of gelatine silver prints in the darkroom becomes an important
part of the process. This way, the isolation and concentration I experience while
photographing get transferred to the darkroom.

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