Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rochelle Feinstein

Thanks to Two Coats of Paints for bringing Rochelle Feinstein's recent show to my attention. 

Her exhibition is a great example of how limitations just might unleash all kinds of favorable and unforeseen outcomes, AND for those of you who will be heading out into the world soon--having to think anew how work will get made without the environment of school and ready space--Feinstein's low budget experiment is interesting to see.

Some of her constraints, as described on her gallery's website:

In making The Estate, Feinstein 1) would not spend any additional money on this work, 2) would use any and all supplies as “assets,” and 3) would use maximal material and minimal gesture.

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  1. so good! Thanks Barbara. We should do a surplus show in the Gatewood with old student work and stuff...

    Really like this. thanks