Sunday, January 23, 2011


Great to see the conversation coming to life. I encourage everyone to submit content that you think is relevant to the discussion, or more news-related stuff you think we should see. If you have links to websites you think we should list, just send them to me by email (or put them in a comment to this post), and I'll add them. I'll also be editing your posts to add labels, if you haven't already, or to adjust image sizes or formatting problems, but that's the only tampering I'll do.

I'd like to ask contributors to chime in on commenting. Right now I've limited posting to just the grads, Lee and I, but I'd love to cast a wider net amongst interested faculty. Also, commenting is now limited to contributors only, but we can change that too if you think it's appropriate.

No, I actually seem to have set commenting as open to registered users and OpenID. We'll leave it like that and see how it goes. I encourage everyone to recommend their own and others' posts through FB, Twitter and the little social networking devices we'll all have implanted in our frontal lobes next week.

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