Sunday, January 23, 2011

Steve Lambert and the Anti-Advertising Agency

Light Criticism from Steve Lambert on Vimeo.

Steve Lambert came to the Weatherspoon in the summer of 2009, in conjunction with the "Our Subject Is You" exhibition at WAM, curated by Lee Walton and Xandra Eden. He gave an amazing talk which featured some work from the Anti-Advertising Agency. The talk itself contained elements of the power dynamics inherent with artists and audiences, in which Steve asked us to remove our shoes at the beginning, only to reveal at the talk's conclusion that he did this merely to prove that he, as artist, could do so without being challenged. The exhibition and Steve's talk in particular completely changed my perspective on contemporary art. Props to Lee and the Weatherspoon for bringing this to Greensboro. We want more!

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  1. We also had Evan Roth and James Powderly of Graffiti Research Lab here on campus as part of a Digital Art and Technology Symposium in 2008. They were at Eyebeam working alongside Steve Lambert at the time, and also mentioned that project. Their own work is another example of this type of practice, including James' arrest in Beijing during the Summer Olympics of 2008.